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Ernest Hunton started Hunton Precast in 1970. He ran the business successfully for 30 years. Ernest brought this young business to success through hard work and determination in the beginning years. Ernest has always had the motivation to design and build. He taught himself the skills to design and create the plans and forms found at Hunton Precast Concrete, some of which are still used to this day. In 2001 Ernest’s son, David Hunton assumed ownership of the business. Under David’s leadership the business has grown to accommodate larger scale jobs and products to meet the growing demands of the industry. Hunton Precast Concrete manufactures products for on site waste water treatment, municipal waste water and storm drain systems, agricultural applications and commercial demands. Hunton Precast will also design and fabricate custom built products as needed

In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. We invite you to browse through our inventory and contact us with any questions.

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